“Insurance fraud − in the most simple of terms − is a lie told to steal the financial protections and benefits of insurance,” said IFPA Executive Director Ralph Burnham. "This report details the types of fraud we’re seeing and the resources being deployed to fight it."

The IFPA saw a 9 percent increase in reports of suspected insurance fraud or insurance-related crimes (“referrals”) over the previous year – as reported by law enforcement agencies supported by the IFPA. Crimes involving auto insurance accounted for 48 percent of all referrals and 65 percent of all arrests, while criminal convictions for insurance fraud and insurance-related crimes were up by 26 percent.

“Arrests show the nature of insurance fraud and those who commit it, and that knowledge assists us in knowing where to invest fraud prevention dollars.” added Burnham. “In 2013, the IFPA approved $12.5 million in grants to law enforcement to meet the rising tide of fraud reporting.” IFPA grants to 14 state and local law enforcement agencies support the work of 58 fraud investigators, 26 prosecutors, and 17 analyst, examiner and support staff.

“In each year’s reporting, we showcase a few of the past year’s cases to help people recognize insurance fraud when they see it,” noted Burnham. “We call it the ‘Unlucky 13’ listing, as luck ran out for those who’d unwisely chosen to commit fraudulent acts in Pennsylvania.”

The IFPA’s annual report for 2013 and more of Pennsylvania’s fraud prevention efforts may be found at www.HelpStopFraud.Org under “Insurance Fraud Resources”.

The IFPA, created by the Pennsylvania General Assembly via Act 166 of 1994, provides law enforcement and prosecutors with the resources necessary to fight insurance fraud in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The IFPA also works to prevent insurance fraud through public outreach, and advises the Governor and the General Assembly on the nature and scope of the insurance fraud problem in Pennsylvania.

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Report Insurance Fraud!

This website provides a listing of law enforcement agencies that fight fraud. To report anonymously, consumers can call the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s tip line at 1-800-TEL-NICB or the IFPA’s tip line at 1-888-565-IFPA.