Detective Larry Patterson, Delaware County District Attorney’s Criminal Investigation (L), accepts the 2014 Fraud Fighter Award from Delaware Valley IASIU Chapter President Tom Donahue of Kemper Services Group (R) during the PA Insurance Fraud Conference in Hershey.

The award, presented by Delaware Valley IASIU Chapter President Tom Donahue, of Kemper Services Group, and Greater Pittsburgh Chapter President Diane Svec, of Erie Insurance, was given in recognition of Patterson’s ability to cooperate and communicate with IASIU members in successfully combating insurance fraud in Delaware County.

In 2013, Patterson investigated and helped prosecute a woman who had fraudulently claimed to her employer and her employer’s workers’ compensation insurer, PMA Insurance Company, that after a workplace fall she remained disabled and unable to return to work. Due to a claim of continuing temporary total disability, she collected more than $45,000 in workers’ compensation lost wage benefits.

Despite the defendant’s claimed disability, she had apparently been fully capable of returning to work, as she was caught by investigators operating an unlicensed daycare business and working out at a local gym. She was arrested and charged with insurance fraud by Detective Patterson in May 2013. In January 2014, the courts granted admittance to a rehabilitation program, where she will be on probation for 12 months, perform community service and pay more than $15,000 in restitution.

IFPA executive director Ralph Burnham, in congratulating Detective Patterson, said, “Workers’ compensation insurance fraud - whether a staged workplace injury or someone’s malingering after recovering from a work-related injury - drives up employers’ insurance premiums and poses a harm to all hard-working Pennsylvanians. We are honored to recognize Detective Patterson as a 2014 Pennsylvania Fraud Fighter Award recipient.”

Patterson began his law enforcement career with the Lower Merion Township Police Department as a patrol officer. His skills led to assignments with the department’s Special Investigations Unit, Narcotics Enforcement Unit and Montgomery County Drug Task Force. Patterson retired from Lower Merion and joined Delaware County District Attorney John Whelan’s Criminal Investigations Division (CID) as a detective in 2011. During his time there, he has been assigned to the Economic Crime Unit of the CID conducting Insurance Fraud Investigations.

Also receiving Fraud Fighter awards were: John Doyle, Assistant District Attorney with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, who successfully prosecuted a major health insurance fraud case; and former IFPA board members, John Henry of Motorists Insurance Group and Edward Litchko of Independence Blue Cross, for their years of service in guiding the IFPA’s funding of statewide insurance fraud prosecution and public fraud awareness education programs.

The IFPA was created in 1994 by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Act 166, Pennsylvania’s Insurance Fraud Prevention Act, arms law enforcement with the resources necessary to fight insurance fraud in the Commonwealth. IASIU, founded 1984, is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the efforts of law enforcement and insurance industry fraud investigation professionals in combating insurance fraud.

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