Presented by IFPA executive director Ralph Burnham before over 500 attendees at Pennsylvania’s 2014 Insurance Fraud Conference in Hershey, the awards were given in recognition of Henry’s and Litchko’s years of service on the IFPA’s Board of Directors, and for their help in guiding the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s efforts to combat fraud.

Henry, legislatively appointed to serve on the IFPA’s Board of Directors as the representative of commercial general liability and auto insurers from 2003 through 2013, obtained his undergraduate degree in administration of criminal justice at Penn State University in 1994, and for over 19 years, as special investigator at USF&G Insurance and then senior investigator at Motorists Insurance, has conducted fraud investigations across Pennsylvania and in neighboring states. He is presently Vice President of Operations at Re/Con Group, Inc., an investigative consulting firm providing fire and special investigation services across Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

While at IBC − southeastern Pennsylvania’s leading health insurer serving over 2.2 million people − Litchko was selected by state legislators to serve as health insurance representative on the IFPA Board of Directors, doing so from 2005 until his retirement from IBC in 2013. Previously, he completed a 28-year federal criminal law enforcement career with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), capped by his heading of the Philadelphia, Newark, NJ and Foreign IRS field offices as Chief (Special Agent-In-Charge). As a graduate of Maryland Military Academy, Litchko also served in the United States Army, retiring in 2002 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He received an undergraduate degree in business administration and accounting at Bloomsburg University, and attended the MBA program at the University of Baltimore.

“The billions of dollars lost each year by insurers to insurance fraud threatens everyone’s access to affordable insurance,” said Burnham. “It has been the experience and wisdom of John and Ed in guiding the IFPA that has ensured that Pennsylvania’s criminal prosecutors have the tools to combat this public threat.”

Also recognized with 2014 Fraud Fighter Awards were: Larry Patterson, a detective with the Delaware County District Attorney’s Criminal Investigation Division; and Assistant District Attorney John Doyle of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

The IFPA was created in 1994 by the Pennsylvania General Assembly through Act 166, Pennsylvania’s Insurance Fraud Prevention Act, to arm law enforcement with the resources necessary to fight insurance fraud in the Commonwealth. IASIU, founded 1984, is an organization dedicated to advancing the efforts of law enforcement and insurance industry fraud investigation professionals in combating of insurance fraud. For more information visit, and

John M. Henry (L) accepts a 2014 Fraud Fighter Award from IFPA executive director Ralph Burnham (R) at the recent Pennsylvania 2014 Insurance Fraud Conference in Hershey. Henry was Motorists Insurance Group Senior Investigator and is currently Vice President for Operations at investigative consulting firm Re/Con Group, Inc.

Retired Independence Blue Cross Senior Director of Corporate & Financial Investigations Edward J. Litchko (R) accepts a 2014 Fraud Fighter Award from IFPA executive director Ralph Burnham (L) at the recent Pennsylvania 2014 Insurance Fraud Conference in Hershey.

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This website provides a listing of law enforcement agencies that fight fraud. To report anonymously, consumers can call the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s tip line at 1-800-TEL-NICB or the IFPA’s tip line at 1-888-565-IFPA.