In Pennsylvania‚ this type of dishonest act is classified among the most serious of crimes – it’s considered a felony. Those convicted of the crime face prison time‚ fines‚ legal fees and more – not to mention a wide range of negative personal and professional consequences.

Despite the severity of this crime‚ a statewide research study conducted in Pennsylvania in December 2008 found that most Pennsylvanians didn’t fully understand the acts that constitute insurance fraud.1 Since the launch of a new campaign to educate Pennsylvanians about the risks and penalties of insurance fraud, a follow-up study conducted in December 2010 has shown the number of Pennsylvanians who take the crime seriously has increased by 33%.2 A 2013 study shows that this awareness level has increased by 58 percent since the initial baseline study.3

Don’t let a lie wreck your life or that of someone you know. Learn more about insurance fraud. Know the risks. Know the penalties.