Statewide surveys consistently report that 7 in 10 Pennsylvanians would never consider committing insurance fraud.1 That’s a good start‚ but in a state our size that still equates to about 3 million individuals over the age of 18 who might consider committing insurance fraud.2

Why would they think of taking such a risk? While everyone knows lying is wrong‚ many don’t know the serious nature of insurance fraud. Some make bad decisions in the spur of the moment without thinking of potential consequences. And unfortunately‚ there is a criminal segment that’s out to intentionally cheat and try to take what is not rightfully theirs.

In June 2009, a communications effort was launched by the Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority (IFPA) to curb instances of spur of the moment — or “opportunistic” — insurance fraud. A wide range of messages have been created to educate citizens about the issue so they’re aware of what acts it includes‚ how serious a crime it is‚ and the full range of consequences that await someone who commits insurance fraud.

At the same time‚ the IFPA is making it known that Pennsylvania is cracking down on this crime by seeking out those who do commit insurance fraud. They’re joining with law enforcement groups and insurance investigators to uncover fraudulent acts and supporting the prosecution of those who commit them to the full extent of the law.