Supporting the Mission

An act of legislation created the IFPA in 1994. Pennsylvania’s Insurance Fraud Prevention Act — Act 166 — established mandates for the Authority. One was to provide resources to law enforcement to help them detect, investigate and prosecute instances of insurance fraud. The other was to provide consumers with knowledge about the crime to prevent its commission. A dedicated IFPA Staff and savvy Board of Directors work collaboratively to keep the Authority on task in support of its mission.

Headshot of Chris Sloan

Christopher Sloan

Executive Director

Headshot of Joan Dockery

Joan Dockery

Associate Executive Director

Headshot of Christine Vessa

Christine Vessa

Grants Administrator

Headshot of Andrea Fury

Andrea Fury

Chairperson — State Farm, Investigative Supervisor

Headshot of Diane Svec George

Diane Svec-George

Treasurer — Erie Insurance, SIU ISS Manager

Headshot of Christopher Deery

Christopher E. Deery

Secretary — Independence Blue Cross, Director of Corporate and Financial Investigations

Headshot of Robert DiFrancesco

Robert DiFrancesco

Board Member — NJM Insurance Group, Senior Special Investigator

Headshot of Mike Nielsen

Christopher Nielsen

Board Member — United States Postal Inspection Service, Agent in Charge of the Philadelphia Division

Headshot of John Kitzinger

John Kitzinger

Board Member — Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General, Chief of Criminal Investigations

Headshot of Mike Ebner

Mike Ebner

Board Member — Retired