Ways to Avoid Committing Insurance Fraud

Honesty is the best policy.

When applying for an insurance policy, tell the truth. Lying about details to get a reduced rate is not only dishonest, it’s insurance fraud.

Keep your benefits to yourself.

Your policy lists who is covered by it — you cannot allow others to use it. The practice of card sharing using someone else’s health insurance policy is illegal.

File claims truthfully.

Don’t inflate the value of damage or loss. Doing so could cause your claim to be denied or result in insurance fraud charges.

Make sure your vehicle is covered.

An important responsibility of drivers in Pennsylvania is to make sure your insurance is current. Trying to secure a policy after you’ve been in an accident and attempting to file a claim post-fact is against the law.

Claim only what you’re entitled to for your home.

If your home has been compromised as the result of a storm, don’t attempt to add damages from a previous weather event to your claim.

Follow the rules for Workers’ Compensation.

When applying for Workers’ Compensation benefits, make sure that your injury took place at work or as part of your assigned job scope. Also, once you’ve recovered from your injury and are cleared by your doctor, you should return to work and stop receiving benefits.